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Use Cases

An experienced team working together, crafting exceptional experiences, and growing stronger.

Product Marketing

Produce engaging & concise product videos. Craft captivating product releases, updates, and explainer videos that captivate your audience from start to finish


Create training videos your team will actually watch. Create professional videos without mics, cameras, or actors. Use AI avatars for high-quality content in 40+ languages

Internal Training

Have you ever needed to appear in a video presentation but felt camera shy? Do you find it challenging to act well? Did you know that you can use AI to create a digital clone of yourself? You can type any text and let your digital clone speak like a professional. 

Video Translation

Transform your video seamlessly into Japanese, French, German, Chinese, Arabic, and beyond, while retaining the same voice, tone, and fluidity of the original content. Our translations nearly indistinguishable by native speakers!

Tailored For Different Use Cases

From Portraits to Videos

AI Portrait

  • Studio-quality Photo
  • Limited Time Free!
  • Hyper-realistic Background

Get Photos

Completely Free to Use

Upload One Photo

Avatars Similar to You

Best for social network sharing and resume photos.

AI Clone

  • Identical to Yourself
  • Resembles Your Voice
  • Impossible to Distinguish

Get Videos

Free to Try. Pricing Plan

Upload One Video

Avatars Identical to You

Best for teachers, online coaching, and influencers

AI Twin

  • Looks like Your Siblings
  • Resembles Your Voice
  • Pick Cloth and Haircut

Get Videos

Free to Try. Pricing Plan

Upload One Photo and Audio

Avatars Similar to You

Best for business campaign and product promotion

AI Twin Looks Like You. But She Is Not You.

Create AI Twin With One Photo

Step1: Upload your photo sample

Step 2: Select one AI-generated twin of yourself

Step 3: animate your AI twin, speaking any text

AI Clone is Identical to You. He is You.

Create AI Clone With One Video

The uploaded video for training AI clone
Video synthesized from AI Clone

Step1: Upload your video sample. Let AI learn your lip motion and voice

Step 2: Type in any text. Get the video of your AI clone speaking new text

No time for video shooting? No budget for expensive cameras?

DIY Video Shooting

Require practice and rehearsal ❎

Starting from $3,000 ❎

Hire external actors ❎

Cameras, studio and high-end work station ❎

Complex editing ❎

With A2E

✅ Done in minutes

✅ Starting from $9.9

✅ Use your own or select 100+ free avatars

✅ Simply use a PC or a phone

✅ Easy to use

Why 10,000+ Users Choose A2E

Cool Features

Create Your Own Avatars in Minutes

Create your own avatars, unlimited
Pick avatars of historical figures
100+ studio-quality AI anchors covering different ethnicities, ages, poses and clothes.

Clone Your Voice or Select

Clone your own voice with only 10 sentences
Let your own voice speak in foreign languages
Or select from a collection of high-quality voices





Interface UI of voice clone
UI of Voice Clone

Developer Integrations

Integrating AI avatars into your own app couldn’t be easier
Use API at no additional cost.

AI Generated Background Or Choose Templates

100+ templates for common use cases
Create your own background with AIGC

Customer Reviews


Don’t just take our words for it


Independent Video Editor

Used A2E for the first time and the results are mind-blowing! Definitely worth trying! No need for a professional photographer anymore.


Madeline Chen


Can’t get over how awesome my selfies look after using A2E. They’ve nailed it with their portrait generation.


Dina Crossin

Corporate HR

Just tried A2E and I’m absolutely stunned by the quality of these portrait photos. The AI truly captures my likeness and the results look professional.


How to Use

How To Create Avatar Videos

How to Create Avatar Photos

Your Concerns Are Also Ours

AI Safety

At A2E, security isn’t just a slogan — it’s a commitment. That’s why we spent significantly to build multiple data centers around the world complying with each region’s individual laws. Our AI video platform is built with your privacy and protection in mind, so you can trust us with your valuable data.